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List of free software for videomapping

July 23, 2010
Here below a list of free and open source software applications that
you can use in order to do Video Mapping:

   Name         Function                    Url
   Gimp         Pixel image manipulation    []
   InkScape     Vector image manipulation   []
   Synfig       2D vector animation         []
   Blender      3D scriptable animation     []
   Animata      Real-time animation         []
   VeeJay       Interactive VeeJay          []
   FreeJ        Scriptable VeeJay           []
   KeystoneP5   Processing Video Language   []

To have a GNU/Linux system up & running in minutes on your computer
check the distributions [pure:dyne] and [dyne:bolic], also inside your
host operating system using [VirtualBox].

Many thanks to Jaromil - NiMK
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