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About the workshop

Giuliana Dieni a.k.a Nuns with Guns VJ and Jakob Hronek  are presenting :


Workshop is held at NIMK ( Netherlands Institute of Media Art ) on 7 and 21 July 2010

Mapping, exposing visual models on a surface, offers more expressive possibilities than a 4×3 screen could ever do. The main goal of this workshop is giving the participants guidance in creating a reconstruction of a surface or exploring a video work using a whole new spectrum of possibilities offered by the space itself. ‘Viewpoint planning’ is the term used for the identification of the projection space or the objects’ surface. There are various mapping techniques that can be applied to different spaces and objects which we will explore and analyze during the workshop. We will start off with taking surface measurements and marking the projection areas. This will take place inside NIMk and the buildings’ architectural elements will be used to prepare the mapping project which will form the basis for the model. Because of this, the models created by the workshop participants need to be geometrically accurate in order for them to function according to plan. The ‘viewpoint planning’ workshop will be followed up by the realisation of the project which will be presented during a second session. Each participant will create a unique project and the outcome depends on the individuals’ goals and methods: some will be inclined to use pictures, others will use videos or 3D animations. Ultimately the goal is to translate sets of surface measurements into a visually coordinated system and a creative projection.

  1. theAmir permalink

    is it possible for me to come for the first workshop day on july 7th? I am only in europe for one week at that time. is the second session the project presentation date or will there be more workshop instruction.

    I am living in Canada.

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