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Mapping festival:Call for entries extension for Mapping 2011

You haven’t had time to post your entry for this festival? Don’t worry: there’s an extension!

Call for entries extension for Mapping 2011 until december 5, 2010!

The 7th edition of the Mapping Festival will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from May 19th to 29th 2011. If you have any projects you would like to submit now is the time to share them with us!

The festival promotes the concept of mixed disciplines and will accept proposals for the following categories:
• VJing
• Audio/Visual performances
• Installations
• Lectures/Workshops/Presentations/Demos

The application for submissions is available only on our web site:


NOTA BENE Visual – Tophane Fountain

NOTA BENE Visual – Tophane Fountain – Video Projection Mapping / TURKEY from NOTA BENE Visual on Vimeo.

Wonderful mapping of a construction which is a beauty in itself. I love the way music and visuals blend. Very well chosen motifs in the visuals, with winding, precious elements, which relates directly to the highly decorated architecture. It brings a warm, eastern breeze….

Video mapping Geneve 2011 – Call for entries

Yep Yep! The Mapping Festival 2011 is around the corner, and they are looking for new talents!
Here you can find the application form.

Some breathtaking samples of the festival this year:

EUPHORIE is 1024 from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.

Videmapping workshop @ Freemote Utrecht

On thursday 28 october there will be a VJ Video Mapping Workshop at Het Utrechts Archief!
Hours: 11:00 – 17.00 h
Place: Het Utrechts Archief, Hamburgerstraat 28, Utrecht

Also an artist hookup will take place starting at 19:00h at Born Digital HQ Grave van Solmsstraat 2 Utrecht

Make sure to download all the necesarry fileshere

Check the complete FREEMOTE festival agenda here:

See you there! 🙂

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.

List of free software for videomapping

Here below a list of free and open source software applications that
you can use in order to do Video Mapping:

   Name         Function                    Url
   Gimp         Pixel image manipulation    []
   InkScape     Vector image manipulation   []
   Synfig       2D vector animation         []
   Blender      3D scriptable animation     []
   Animata      Real-time animation         []
   VeeJay       Interactive VeeJay          []
   FreeJ        Scriptable VeeJay           []
   KeystoneP5   Processing Video Language   []

To have a GNU/Linux system up & running in minutes on your computer
check the distributions [pure:dyne] and [dyne:bolic], also inside your
host operating system using [VirtualBox].

Many thanks to Jaromil - NiMK

Essay #2

This is the video presentation of Beatriz del Saz at the Dutch Institute of Media Art.
The music track is called ‘of air and ear ‘ and it is from and Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (With the permission of the author)

Video mapping workshop at Montevideo NIMK Essay #2